Project Ready

The Project Ready Program, in partnership with Sojourn to the Past, supports high school students dedicated to empowering individual lives through the pursuit of education, healthy communities, and civic engagement.

What We Do

Project Ready students will receive cultural, social, leadership and academic support through mentoring and coaching. 

Project Ready students will participate in at least 150 hours per year of individual, group, and virtual mentoring. The activities will include service learning projects, college tours, behind the business tours, college and career readiness, and cultural exploration via the Sojourn to the Past never-to-be-forgotten, a two-to-ten-day journey of study along the path of the Civil Rights Movement in the American South (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee).  

The moving classroom experience will bring history to life as students visit the sites of the Civil Rights Movement, interact with the leaders who have devoted their lives to the struggle for social justice, and actually feel the lessons in a visceral way that cannot be captured in any textbook.  

The Sojourn to the Past curriculum is comprised of three core components:

  1. Academic Development;
  2. Leadership and Social Development;
  3. Cultural and Global Awareness.